Amazing Health Benefit of Pepper Fruits

The True Life Story Of A Pepper Flavoured Fruit.

Pepper fruit is a tropical fruit dominant in West Africa.

It is pungent, peppery and medicinal in nature and found in most parts of Nigeria.

It is called mmimi in the Igbo language; ata igebere in Yoruba; imako by Niger Deltas and Urhobo. Nkarika in Efik and Ibibio but scientifically called Dennettia Tripetala.

I call it The Pepper Berry 😊

This Pepper Flavoured Fruit Will Surprise You With Its Health Benefits.

It reduces the growth of prostate cancer cells and treats them.

It helps treat infant convulsion.

It cures liver and kidney damage.

It serves as a Postpartum Tonic.

The seeds can be ground and used to prepare certain food for nursing mothers immediately after childbirth.

It aids in uterus contraction and heals the wounds sustained during the childbirth process.

It has Anti-Ulcer properties.

Edible Purposes – Dennettia tripetala fruit can be used as a peppery spice for seasoning and flavouring food such as white soup, spicy fish, hot drinks, beverages, meat, vegetables, stew, sauces and sausages.

Pepper fruit is a good substitute for ginger in zobo drink production.

It is good for Diabetic Patients.

Pepper Fruit has been found worthy of reducing the blood sugar levels

Rich in Antioxidants

It contains important antioxidants such as ascorbic acid and flavonoids that fight against free radicals that have tendencies of causing sicknesses in the body system.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Guess what the Pepper Berry said to the Antibody…

“Gbe body e!”

Free radicals have nothing on you; Chew some of this fruit today – Pepper Them.

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