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I’m Zedomi Jacob, CEO and Founder of Foodpreneur Group, webmaster, seasoned food blogger, online media brand influencer, social media strategic marketing expert  and online food business consultant.

Our Services

  • Brands and Products Promotions and Adverts: We create brand visibility, reach and increase profitability of business, services, events and products.

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  • Social Media Management and Strategic Marketing: Did you know that 80% of consumers consult social media before making a purchasing decision. Simply turn your social media followers into loyal customers.

Food Blogger Aacademy & Pricing Plan

  • We will Create professional social media accounts for your business (if you don’t have any yet)
  • We analyze and optimize your social media accounts to make it look professional.
  • We create highly engaging contents that will represent the core values of your brand effectively.
  • Online relationship Management: Interact and close deals with your customers on your behalf.
  • Social media advertising and Reputation management.


  • Blog and Social Influencer, Marketing and Targeting: Statistics has it that 78% of brands visibility are drawn from leveraging bloggers by using backlinks and social media Influencer strategy.

  • By social media influencer strategy, when you see a social influencer (someone with a massive following on social media) saying positive things about a brand by way of recommendation or merely posting; many of them are paid to do so.
  • Backlinks are links embed in words in a blog post or store that can redirect you to a product, service or information for example: advertise with us

Food Blogger Aacademy & Pricing Plan


  • Food Business Blog Design, Management and Freelance Content Writing: We build a successful food blog for individual, food businesses and food blogger with full integration (social media, contact us form whatsApp chat and facebook message etc)

Food Blogger Aacademy & Pricing Plan


  • Online Food Business Ordering System Technology: Deploy already made food ordering system from web setup to mobile app development for your restaurants and food ordering business.


  • B2B Food Events & Exhibition Planners: We plan and manage events, activation, shows, outdoor marketing events and stands.


  • Food Business and Food blogging Consultancy: We offer consultancy services for food business owners and bloggers, both existing and startups.

For Online Food Business/Restaurants:

  • Starting up a food business.
  • Growing and marketing food business.
    Tools, Technologies, system and insights
  • Social Media Integration and easy char with customers (Whatsapp Chat & Facebook Messenger)
  • Food processing, branding and packaging.
  • Providing Marketplace Place and Delivery/Vendor services.
  • Hiring and outsourcing.

For Food Blogger & Food Business Blog 

  • Food blog creation, Integration and Management.
  • Social media Integration and easy char with customers (Whatsapp Chat & Facebook Messenger)
  • Food Blogging Tools and Systems.
  • Freelance content writing (Subject & Tag SEO)
  • Monetising your food blog

Food Blogger Aacademy & Pricing Plan

See Adverts Rate and Pricing Plan

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