How to Make Ofada Stew/Sauce Recipe


Ofada Stew is a popular Nigerian Stew peculiar to the Yoruba tribe of Western Nigeria though now enjoyed by other tribes as well. Now, there are two kinds of Ofada Stew, one is made with Green Bell Peppers while the other is made with Red Bell Peppers. The Green Ofada stew is popularly called Ayamase. Ofada sauce is a typical Nigerian food comprising of mostly of chili pepper, boiled eggs, beef, fish, among other assortments. It’s really delicious but could be too spicy especially for people who don’t usually consume hot chili.

Green pepper
* Green Tatashe
* Unripe Ata rodo(Normal fresh pepper)
* Yellow Pepper
* Ripe Atarodo (quantity depends on how peppery you want it)
* Onion bulb
* Crayfish (optional)
* Iru
* Palm oil
* Meat & fish of choice
* Boiled eggs
* Salt & seasoning of choice

Step 1: Wash and cook your meat, add your fish few minutes before its fully cooked

Step 2: Blend all the peppers, half the onion

Step 3: Drain or boil till pepper is almost dry

Step 4: Set a pot on fire, add your palm oil

Step 5: Bleach the palm oil till colour becomes lighter (This gets very Smokey so u can cover d pot & take it outside to open afterwards)

Step 6: Chop the remaining half onion and add to d oil, let fry till it is translucent

Step 7: Add d pepper mix & let fry till almost dry, add d meat & fish with stock, add your crayfish if using. You can fry your meat if u desire before adding to d stew

Step 8: Let cook, add the iru (and d flavour comes on). Taste for salt & seasoning, adjust if need be

Step 9: Pierce your boiled eggs with fork (it lets d stew soak in) and add to d boiling stew. Let it cook till oil floats on top of d stew.

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